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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Development Blog #4 [November 2020]

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Hello Drakelings!

Welcome to the fourth devblog for Operation: Harsh Doorstop. In this update, we will be reviewing the work the team completed in the month of November.

As promised in the last devblog, we wanted to give you all an update on our plans/goals that we would like to complete leading up to the next public O:HD playtesting sessions:

What is done:
For a full recap of what the team has completed since shifting focus over to O:HD from Warfare 1944, please refer to devblogs 1, 2, and 3.[/b][/list]
What we plan on having ready for our first returning playtests (in first iterations, i.e. these will all improve and be expanded upon over time):
Khafji map in a “beta version” state (layout done and first passes of detailing to give it a lived in look and feel)
Functioning squad system
Functional VOIP and text chat systems, including but not limited to local proximity voice chat, radio comms between your team/squad and between squad leaders, and global/team/squad text chats
Functioning FOB and rally point systems
Basic player controller including weapon handling, running, stand and crouch leaning, and proning
Basic weapons—rifles, pistols, grenades (frag and smoke), rocket and rifle-mounted grenade launchers, and machineguns
Basic support mechanics—ammo resupply, and medical bags and bandages for health regeneration
Suppression mechanics
[Stretch Goal] Basic transport vehicles (if we cannot get these in we will be sure to have infantry focused map layers so you do not have to run significant portions of the 4x4km map every time you die!)
[Stretch Goal] Basic AI/bot support
[Stretch Goal] Tracers[/b][/list]
Please keep in mind this list is subject to change, but this is our best prediction based on the tasks we have ahead of us and the team's speed. In addition, as we have stated in the past, we do not typically like to give dates or time ranges, since the time requirements needed to complete some of these tasks can often run into unforeseen roadblocks that take extra time to work through. That being said, our objective is to have all of this ready for playtesting events by March 2021. If there are any necessary adjustments or delays to this goal we will be sure to let everyone know!

Let’s dive into what the team has been up to in November:


Khafji continues to take up the bulk of work on O:HD right now. As was stated in the previous devblog, this map is going to be the most time consuming out of the rest of the maps we plan on making as many of the modular and expansive tools that they are using in order to build up and detail the map are still being created from scratch. This map will play a crucial role in how future maps will be made, and how they will look and feel.

That being said, many portions of the map that were blocked out to determine where buildings would be placed, alleys and streets would flow, and so on are now being replaced with actual final assets. From November moving forward what you will start seeing is the map getting filled out with detail, post processing and lighting effects being added, and overall gameplay balancing being done to the layout.

In addition to this, the team is working on creating infantry-focused layers with flag capture points that are more tight knit and require less travel time on foot so it will be easier to get into the action before vehicles are introduced (we are also working on this for Warfare 1944 as well!).

Some screenshots of the overall level design and how the map is coming together:


And some more building variations being pieced together using our modular building tools:



Our animator has completed animations for the AT4 and RPG-18 launchers, as well as the bandages for the US and RU factions (all of which can now be tested in the Beta Branch of O:HD, although please keep in mind many things revolving around all of these are placeholder):


Objects, Models, and Textures

Gun, Grenade, and Rocket Textures
The GP-30 grenade launcher for the AK74, M67 grenades, and AN-M8 smoke grenades all received some texture facelifting last month. In addition, the rocket for the RPG-18 has been textured:


World Props and Environment Assets
A whole slew of new world props and environment assets were also modelled and/or textured to bring some more character and detail to the world:


Upcoming and WIP Features

Leaning and Proning
The first iteration of leaning and proning is now rounding the corner and undergoing internal testing in our Beta branch (you can check both of these out right now if you have access to this). We still have plans to polish and refine them more, but we felt that having the basic functionality in sooner rather than later would add a lot to the overall gameplay experience and will help us acquire early feedback to make sure the final versions are just right.

Crouching left/normal/right stance

No photos of proning this time around, that one needs more work (if you look at it in the Beta branch you will know why!). We should have more to share with that in the next devblog.

Squad System
The programming team is currently working on implementing the first version of the squad system, where you will be able to group together with other players into more organized squads for better tactics and planning. Here is how the first version will look:


Radial Menu System
Soon we will also have basic functionality for the radial menu system that will be used to build FOBs, deploy rally points, call out enemies, and so on:


Please note that the actual radial menu UI look and feel (such as the icons, text, etc.) is placeholder and for functionality only—eventually this will all receive a facelift to look better and match the other UI. In addition, the image shown above was taken outside of the actual game/OHDCore framework and still needs to be merged into it.

Rework to Ammo and Med Bags, and Rally Points
Recently we decided to make some changes to the way that our ammo bags, medical bags, and rally point system will work.

Moving forward, ammo and med bags will now replenish any teammates' ammo and health that are within a certain radius of the player holding the bag (in other words no more throwing them on the ground).

With rally points, these will now be deployed via the radial menu by a squad leader (versus how it was before where you would equip it like your weapon and then throw it on the ground). Deployed rally points will last for a certain amount of time and then expire/disappear (the time limit of which will be determined by server owners). If an enemy enters the radius of a rally point, it will now be completely destroyed, whereas in the old system this would simply prevent players from spawning (FOBs will work that way instead since they are meant to be a more permanent spawn point).

Both of these new systems will be placeholders until we build in more advanced systems, such as proper FOBs and more advanced medical systems (like bleeding).

Warfare 1944

Not much to report on the Warfare 1944 front this time around, we just have some new textures and models for barbed wire barricades and sandbag walls to coincide with our ongoing facelifting to Warfare’s art style:


Thanks to everyone that took the time to read the devblog! On the next devblog we will have a lot more content to drop, including a more thorough showcasing of the Khafji map after the team has had a chance to start really fleshing the map out with more detail.

Make sure to join the DRK Discord, and/or follow our Steam announcements to track updates, and if you would like to support us early on in development don’t forget you can always pick up a key for O:HD on our Patreon! See you all next time, and we hope everyone has a happy New Years!

-Goomes, Lead Community Manager





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