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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Some visual things I think people would really like

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Mujahedeen, Vietcong, or other forces using Chinese made AKs would have actual Chinese style AKs (hooded sights, vented gas tubes, etc.)

Soviet forces could have different Bakelite magazine patterns,  like there could a few different patterns on the Bakelite magazines so when people change mags, a different magazine pattern is shown for the new mag.

Green shell casings coming out of soviet guns, and maybe even in the magazine when reloading you could see the green steel casing on the bullet 



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For ease of production, just make it plum for 5.45 and late izhmash side(or not) stamped steel for 7.62x39.

Because the textures already suck for PKM stock and AK-74 already switched away from wood(which is good, because most games do AK wood handguard incorrectly, like Squad, Rising Storm 2/83...etc.).


I would never trust your average texture "artist" who know nothing about these weapons IRL to make proper bakelite textures(also, it's surprisingly difficult to get it to show up on textures due to the usual limitation of pixel count).  Let alone several different bakelite swirls.

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