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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Developers we are currently looking for

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Just now, Giulkau said:

Hi, I'm a composer as well as sound designer located in Italy, I've worked on a bunch of games (often as both roles), you can find some on my Itch.io page!

You can hear my current best Sound Design work on a project where I redid a whole videogame trailer audio. You can check the Video here!

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Do you have experience with war games?

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I'm a passionate self taught ue4 game developer and level designer. Also I'm modeling all my assets on blender. If you are interested I'll be more than happy to contribute voluntarily my time, knowledge, skills, creativity and some might say talent, to help in any way that I can with your project. 

Ps. Your YouTube channel rocks, also "Hacked by Isis" on spotify. 


Thank you


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I'm an audio engineer and music producer with a background in scoring for orchestra, and have been really wanting to get back in to that style of work. I'm put together something that I think would fit Operation: Harsh Doorstop very well, and would be excited to work on a full soundtrack catalogue if that is something you'd be looking for! you can find a title theme here: https://soundcloud.com/tripminemusic/orchestral-intro 

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Hey, i have been watching the channel for some time and really want to contribute. I am a native Unity 3d game developer that is familiar with C# and C, i have coded in C++ before but i am not aware of the upmost details. if there is a spot free i would love to contribute with the basics! 

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Hello. I'm not a proper sound designer but I have experience making audio mods and audio mods for a war game.

I have made audio mods for various games like Arma 3, Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2, Call of duty 4, Counter Strike, Day of Defeat.
Lately, since 2015, I have been working a lot on mods for the Insurgency (Source Engine) game.


The knowledge that I have and can contribute is more focused on the design of the sounds of weapons and material effects, possibly interface sounds.

I have not worked much with the unreal engine but it is not something that cannot be learned, therefore I offer myself as an assistant or secondary sound designer.
My intention is to contribute to the project as much as to learn.

I also speak native Spanish, if that contributes in something.


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