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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Are you guys excited for this game  

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Of-course I'm excited to see this game obliterate those AAA game studios who ruin the industry with micro transactions and grinding. OHD will be a true tactical shooter which ‎I will play years without end. 

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On 7/2/2021 at 15:47, AlfenTiroller said:

Por supuesto, estoy emocionado de ver que este juego destruye a los estudios de juegos AAA que arruinan la industria con micro transacciones y pulido. OHD será un verdadero shooter táctico al que jugaré años sin fin. 

Yeah, thats what we all wish, i belive that he can make a 1 men AAA game, and if you are reading this bluedrake, dont be fast, dont do it like cdproject, take your time and make it a good game, think about it, if you publish it on steam people will download it, and if it isn't finished or an alpha they won't play it again and they won't share it with their friends. And againd, if you are reading this, take your time, i belive in you. And sorry for my english, im from argentina and i speak spanish xd.

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