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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Development Blog #14 [September 2021]

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Hello Drakelings!

Welcome to the fourteenth devblog for Operation: Harsh Doorstop. In this update, we will be reviewing the work that the team completed in the month of September 2021.

To start this one off, I would like to recap the new roadmap that we recently put out for O:HD looking at the next 6 months:


We are still relatively on track with the last roadmap that we put out, however, we have recently been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to onboard a few new developers that will help us complete an overhaul to the animation systems, as well as the user interface, so we have had to adjust the order in which we tackle some of these tasks and bump the timeline out a bit as a result. This means that we have unfortunately had to move our focus on getting the first implementation of vehicles back to a later date, as some of these overhauls are somewhat time sensitive due to developer availability (namely the animation overhaul system).

Fortunately, getting these tasks completed will be very important for numerous objectives/milestones that we have. The animation overhaul will open the door for some major improvements to our entire animation pipeline by allowing us to incorporate new features (like weapon resting/bipodding and canted aiming), improving the overall look and feel/quality of the animations, and requiring the animators to do less animations per weapon/item (which means they can get even more done in a shorter amount of time). The UI improvements will also be the first step in allowing players to do things like having more control over their game settings, doing things like starting matches with bots without needing the console, a whole new server browser experience with filter systems, mod management, and more. In addition to menu based improvements, we will be redoing the entire in-game HUD/UI with this overhaul, which will also enable us to incorporate things like damage indication, prepare for an upcoming medical overhaul, and more.

We are also currently still planning on a public playtest on Steam, and now we will be utilizing Steam's playtesting system to do so. This is something we feel will be much more ideal for us, as we want to get more people into the game while not rushing development or launching into early access prematurely (not rushing these crucial stages is very important to us). We will have more information about this in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned for that.

Make sure you check out the rest of the roadmap to see what else we will be working on during this time. Now let’s get into the September recap:


Operation: Invictus
We do not have a Three Round Burst interview this time around, but we do a have bunch of new gun models and parts to showcase:

160d51aebd2418b4b7b0b70d0e3bd9da2279dc8e.jpg ca5330526be3f113306ff211969bfea23e3f2510.jpg f2e891100b83edc0305bdb1457b929316ff2d30b.jpg fbda15b4d3cc35f1f0970cf8f1e5661a858c2e0e.jpg 05350b78a272ec25524c7be3adf84741a4fbae41.jpg c82df317ddff538ce5176837a6bffd64f0822b72.jpg 34b87345ae2937821cf00ea7c3432dcd80e0af15.jpg f45d75bcf2abf8b5ee6ee547ebb61d201d8532f6.jpg fea593e2bc63a445e794ce6993d8ad9719e3a6ba.jpg
Barrett M82 in black and spray painted variants

062565ff3bb200503fdb13ddf3e3810d9626635e.jpg 0fd4f4cd2bb2ee6e521ea232e8f9fd3c5dfc17ba.jpg f9d7d7a415bd7d26dbcf3123d579a65a211813dc.jpg 4a6a9705717b5d7baa40cc34de96835801c07bc3.jpg b30c8d919ad222367422f6692e9e0e8d7ed00dbc.jpg

0b4c4cfa9b513f3dcb1f7b6c589e64885560a883.jpg8d81a27a2b749fe16d6a13d769d4cead5eb943e3.jpg1120cb22537a8537bd66fe7e8715db9139457c21.jpg fbaf8846e40a7f94b6ec549ec4d1ae17157eb813.jpg 438efce215a621f941942ef6b1e92d3be0018037.jpg 18bb29d15792f577e224471cc9016fb5209d1136.jpg 5c4a1badd39991104ceca06178a62ed138890e0f.jpg
Beretta M9 to replace existing model

6ef6c57992dfd0b936c3199e3471ef473efe667c.jpgf91c0ce44834bce3f3f2e04c9195bbcac573af49.jpg017fc08da978bf484d60c51ef66ab63404ff56d9.jpg 29c238405519b9552b1c97ff26c5dbb6be91bd53.jpg 31ea03f97f3bd958cf1e6ad026c97f7bdea9fa7c.jpg
MP443 Grach

1952f1277f87de64390fa47c541ad3dc5ce8c2cc.jpg01345b9d0ab81eb04117068c7bb7a65a27b6f692.jpg6f3317ae20550447096da48baec1c1d9af65ee19.jpg 052aa00d39049b836bc34601362f306457642db6.jpg ad6472cfe3c8afb4a5dc301854befc38abe2626a.jpg 97723ff6945d57b76166bf205ff868161d33197b.jpg a7d4c37067affc7318abf101f1477b129f019042.png
Trijicon ACOG and RMR

Aimpoint Micro T-1


11088b533a1a82d70c5b51248b378b6f14d80b98.jpgfc9f2b26afb99667e137387f36cc6587c1e229d6.jpg8d9fb33f5809a596d9d85ae82fa14a89769ba7c1.jpg 58ef0b946f5286decf44482691210d207e8e1be8.jpg db68d0bf6c4ad0751d1bddb1dd33a8be15bf4173.jpg
EOTech G33 Magnifier

RPK16 Drum Magazine

31db7dcaddccbc4952458ce5351d31cdb269da8a.jpg81a6286ac4fb7d80381cda7918418ce213400ce8.jpg 62338eb31ec5c06300cfb3d7e99402098c838c35.jpg
Cloud Defensive OWL Light

b8eb41e3a8f2d7a9d58701636c3459107834b445.jpg22b699dfb285bf692b39bac91ea4be3be3a08385.jpg ce9951982d9ca61edf154f9054529103969f146b.jpg

edac639a6833cac567dcd5a9677522bc715fcf91.jpg59b0e56179a3723eb83f8ae078231040d1f84177.jpg 02428d769f918acede80f9caaf9bac9b734da14f.jpg
ZENITCO RK-2 Handgrip

AKS74 Stock

Emissary Development Group Handstop & Witt Machine Big Body Tu-Tu-Three (WIP)

An example of what many of the parts above will be used for—prototyping our weapon customization systems

The character artists have also gotten close to finishing a new character model for a faction that will be used in Operation: Invictus:

9c456e6052813c9881b2257dbfefcbc6020cd6dc.png b60b372ff26f70753cab3c9ac48af909a8dfe902.png a5d07a9dd41ec8006284b9a676d3f5652ae23720.png 536739f5a8911c84bff7af79f73ebe0bd3a6e763.png
New Eastern European militant model for an upcoming character pertaining to Invictus’s story/lore


The level designers experimented with some new lighting on Khafji, as well as made updates to the foliage:


Lam Dong
Lighting on Lam Dong was experimented with as well:


Risala also received some experimentation to its lighting:


Objects, Models, and Textures

World Props and Environment Assets
More world props and environment assets have been made to help flesh out the detailing on all of the maps:

3654c32d127bcc5f770b8e1dd7830774202be92c.png 4cce1d4b7b8fd9b5379bb73a7bf77ad8680fae3a.png c39aaf5df4deff4699170e797c3375c4260e338b.png dc511488f66603763b8a200110cc03b5ce1a79d6.png b6f3d7e62e9143780ebfbe5a41cf7833821cb2bb.png 8f7607c8ee0c674151f8af5c89ccc2e3a9899b52.png a4d0b03f61a9515dae0afef2d45d14ef78f92fdc.png 4bea666bf4a27ebbc0110fbdce5800cc23e911b3.png a13955fa0830865e280cc078abe05aad4da8b5a2.png
Ammo and weapon cases/containers, concrete barriers, a fuel tank, military flood lights, and a water tank

More foliage assets were created for use on existing and upcoming maps:

19cd67436e14949ed2e9565efd6268cd9afebb5b.png71384024bc7806a206e836afea93303a8c115012.jpg 9428376fe8c5ad6e17f5a7006dfe86779518c541.png 95993759a8558482540669ac1df0501d37c41a53.png 480680ed201ae0ba7428c4c29c90203b41f758f0.png 35ba00f61b4e3d562166ed2b571e0df17e9fda5d.png bbcd4474f9afecaffd2ff2298601f800a73493ef.png

e25b0165145fa830a92c2aaccecb4067c756c853.png7bb3a0361fbd20a4c1085c21085b1be5b8b4fd8c.png 8f00a6847853f44823b478adec4ef07c8ff03a95.png 755eb465d3ad95ccb2acdd5171f8e596d957649f.png

Upcoming and WIP Features

Animation Overhaul
As I mentioned in the start of the devblog, we are currently working on a complete overhaul to our entire animation system and pipeline. This rework is going to allow us to make the weapon animations more dynamic/procedural, reduce the amount of animations needed per set, and open the door to many new functionalities and features that we have long planned for, such as weapon resting/bipodding, using canted and backup sights, holding the weapon in alternative forms (like braced aiming/point shooting), and more.

Here is a good video recap that Bluedrake did showing off some of these systems in their early/WIP stages:

UI Overhaul

We are also working on a complete overhaul to the UI/UX of the game, which will not only encompass what the menus will look like, but also the in-game UI.

Here are some mock-ups for the menu redesigns:


And a WIP concept of the overhaul to the in-game UI:


Please keep in mind that these images are all still very early, placeholder, and are subject to change. Right now, they are mostly being designed with functionality in mind, and once all of that is completed the art team will be redesigning the aesthetics and overlook look/feel as they see it appropriate.

Other Fixes and Improvements
The lead programmer optimized the game's file structure when packaged so that the patching process is a bit faster/more consistent for new updates on Steam, among some other miscellaneous fixes and tweaks. He also finished up the first iteration of mod support that was included in the last SDK release.

Thanks for checking out our update for September! I apologize for getting the last two devblogs out so late in the month—next month I will be aiming towards releasing the October updates during the first half of November, so I anticipate another devblog will be out not much longer after this one is posted.

Make sure to join the O:HD Discord, and/or follow our Steam announcements to track updates, and if you would like to support us early on in development don’t forget you can do so on our Patreon! See you all next time!

-Goomes, Lead Community Manager





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