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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

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Hi, first off I want to say how excited I am for this game, and how impressed I am by what has so far been shown.

I'm a long time PR, Squad, Rising Storm 2, and Insurgency Source player, who recently got into Insurgency Sandstorm as well. I've been playing (and really enjoying) the ISMC mod for IS:S, and one of the big factors for how confident I am in this game is the extensive work that the ISMC team has already put into their mod for Sandstorm. For anyone who hasn't gotten a chance to try it out, the level of customization and detail is truly insane.

My question is in regards to the inclusion of content already implemented by the ISMC team in their Sandstorm mod, into OHD. I for one would love to see that level of attention to detail and customization (even if it is often just cosmetic), and it seems to me to be a quick way to get a fair bit of content into the game. Of course, I realize that it isnt a simple case of copy-paste, and that there may be other factors involved, so if anyone involved with OHD development, or who is a part of the ISMC team could share their thoughts, I would be very interested to hear it. AFAIK, already included in the Sandstorm ISMC mod are more than enough weapons, player models, attachments and equipment for at least 2 different factions.

What do people think? Ive also heard one common criticism for the IS:S ISMC mod is that there is simply too many options, which I certainly understand (even if I dont necessarily agree myself).

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