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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

suggestion about directions and architecture of OHD in distant future when UE5 finally comes

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I know OHD won’t be updated to ue5 until mid/late 2022 but let me give you some suggestion anyways, because directions regarding the project architecture is important. And you are not just fighting AAA studios you are fighting their architecture, you are fighting their wastage of 350M dollar for ‘star citizen’. and you are doing it with under a million dollar budget.


Mod and game features plugin:

Drakelings lab speculated that there will be options to package things as mod in the SDK's toolbar.

Ue5 has modular game features plugin, if you enable it, game codes can have portability and reusability. This may work as a mod-enabling protocol. Look into it please.


spline and procedural stuff:

Make spline roads and rivers and walls and give us the custom spline, you already have prefabs though.

right now maps are all static because of optimization, but please develop more procedural stuff. ue5 has custom layers for spline and whatnot, different workflow...


Data layers: data layers in ue5 can kinda enable games within game. say star citizen has fps simulation within the space simulator for some reason? unreal based games can now have this. so you are playing life simulator? how about a swat minigame or boxing minigame within it.


Modding community collaboration:

I know its early for you to decide which thing you are never gonna mod, but please speculate with modders that you are not gonna do certain things at all. for now, i assume drakelings lab not gonna make life mods like arma life, or secret roles mod.

but for something like these things, you have to support the architecture. say, PUBG or dayz style game in OHD, that will require the backend to have replication graph for optimized network traffic.

if somebody wants secret role games like deceit, they need to have some animals/beasts 3d models.



Lumen and Nanite:

lumen and nanite changes how games will be made, so even though OHD core is still in 425, they have to decide whether they want to hire dedicated guys for normal and roughness maps or they can just automate pipelines or something. Because epic saying valley of the ancient projects had like one roughness map for many things, as most environment was same-ish, all desert rocks.

My suggestion is to make a demo to show the world dynamic day night cycle in a large map with lots of buildings and rooms. Ue5 can now handle lots of apartment rooms because of lumen powered skylight. bluedrake can title the video 'this game is like an archviz project but it's not it's OHD!'


world partition:

I know you guys not gonna have more than 4x4km maps anytime soon but ue5 world partition has different workflow than ue4. it has own ways to work with AI navmesh and … draw calls etc.

architecture wise many things in ue5 are hierarchical. say lumen has bounding boxes, and nanite has clustering. destruction chaos system has clustering hierarchy, and world partition is grid wise, new replication graph system is gridwise.



i know this is too early to talk about physics and destruction which are gonna be in ohd in very distant future, but, gmod was/is popular with gamers because of the physics and gravity gun etc. 

animation: ue5 gonna have dynamic context based animation for vaulting and ledge grabbing etc.


replication graph and network prediction:

unreal introduced replication graph few years back, but network prediction is new in 4.26. network prediction works for physics, as well as bullet projectiles etc.

I speculate that, you may have hundreds of people in same server with network prediction, but you have to slow down movements and disable bullet drop. (because those things are harder to predict)


material masking: many new things in unreal are material masking based. new 4.26 ocean and mega tsunami system is material driven.


copyright and torrent streaming:

bluedrake got copyright strike by battlestate escape from tarkov. What if bluedrake takes the initiative, or even better, gets sponsored by some torrent based twitch alternative company. government can send you to jail for streaming a game which you own, but they can't practically stop distributed files like torrent streaming.

youtube used to demonetize bluedrake because they thought he was a war journalist, and sometime bluedrake uploads games with gore. any other youtube alternative can help him.


music and metasound:

bluedrake don't chase me down with your emu and penguin friends, but instead of his music band, he can focus on new metasound. with metasound, you can have ultra realistic sound, like the noise of your sweat when you are firing the cannon/howitzer.


exposing C++ using Rama's plugin:

if you want to expose some part of your C++ code for modders who are only allowed to use blueprints, i think there are some plugins called 'Rama Custom Node plugin' which can expose some things as blueprint nodes.

I know you are not gonna make entity component system, ever. because it's not your target to make mulithreaded heavy mmo, but you have to decide the architecture and workflow, now.


speculation about MMOFPS:

bluedrake speculated that he kinda wants to see alternative to mmo foxhole in OHD. but MMOFPS requires it's own systems. massive logistics and maps with shared borders. (foxhole also has AI systems)



this is way too early to decide license but I hope bluedrake fully clarifies the licensing process in next few months. I mean, epic already ‘allows’ people to fork their engine in github then writing your own code in that forked repo (so epic can approve people who are using UE source code).

Drakelings lab literally had a repo in github but they didnt update that harsh doorstop repo after 2017.

what i am trying to say is, if you ever plan to release some of the C++ code without epic's engine code, you have to decide the workflow and protocols now.

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