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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Historically accurate battles/battlefields in various theaters of war

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Hello everyone!

I want to make a comment which can ultimately be interpreted as a suggestion concerning O:HD. 
I am extremely excited by this project and the main ideas behind it, presented by Bluedrake in gameplay/showcase videos, especially the idea behind complete freedom in modding/map creation. There is, however, an issue which exists in many (almost all in fact), games presenting themselves as "historical" - the lack of maps, battles, battlefields which are either won by the losing side or stalemate/hard win by the victors. Or, by any chance if such examples do exist, games clearly want to imply political views instead of the purely military, combat environment.  Now what do I mean by that? I'll give some examples with WW2 as perhaps this is the best way to present my point :
1. We all know the conflict started with the invasion of Poland in September 1, 1939. How many FPS games explore this event? I can't think of any! (And of course, I am not talking about having to make a research that some barely known game might exist - If you can't name a game by memory, you probably get the idea what I mean). This event had a fair amount of battles in which lives were lost by both sides and is barely portrayed in video games. Again, not as a political, but as a military, combat perspective. I can only mention a famous series of Grand-Strategy genre games which does portray this and the next events I will mention and there is a famous expression among the new players that say similar things of sort "Started as Germany, got conquered by Poland".
2. The low countries invasion, the battle of France, 1940 - these events with extremely huge importance in the war are again barely portrayed with their military events in video games. Not to mention that there was an event of Invasion of Germany in 1939, which is also known as the Saar Offensive (and this one is barely known even in historical aspect, not even talking about games). The events of 1940 hold many novelties in military aspect, one I will mention is the event known as the Battle for The Hague which is the first massive paratroop operation which in fact the Germans lost. How many games can you mention that explore this event? You got it. (The Saar Offensive and  specially the Battle for The Hague being a city operation can be made in a map for the game with buildings and paratrooper action.)

3. What the mainstream games show of the Eastern Front is almost entirely about the Battle of Stalingrad and probably few examples exists about Moscow and Leningrad battles. The Eastern Front however is extremely rich of events and battles - the Baltic, Minsk, Kiev, Sevastopol operations; little known is the Caucasus front where the Germans briefly occupied the Elbrus mountain, the highest in all Europe, reaching summit! This last example, I can imagine, can probably be created as a mountain map and you can already see my question - how many games that we know of explore this event? Correct!

Having this variety of maps of historical events will, in my opinion, be instrumental to the longevity of the game as it will introduce maps of events that are barely (or not at all) portrayed in other games, making the game stand out and offering something actually unique. This is the main reason I am excited about Operation: Harsh Doorstop and if anyone shares the same view, please do comment to encourage the creation of such future content for the game. 

I am sure that everyone got the idea behind my post but I now ask the troubling question - will modders and content creators will be allowed to portray this event in historical, combat (not political) manner by creating maps and events or will the game follow the mainstream path of only pushing for portraying the well-known battles of Stalingrad, the Normandy invasion, the Battle of the Bulge, the Battle of Berlin and etc. 

Best of luck!

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i do love these suggestions

also i got my own suggestions

i been thinking about suggesting the 1st and 2nd Balkan wars (1st was 1912, 2nd was 1913)
with Greece, Ottoman Empire, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, along support from Austria-Hungary, Italy and Russia

and also
the Greco Italian War of October 28th 1940 to April 23 1941

there is not a single game that covers this conflict, and it's important because when Italy was struggling against us Greeks, they demanded help from Germany
meaning Operation Barbarossa was delayed, and that gave enough time for the Soviets to prepare against the Germans, plus Hitler and Stalin mentioned us as well

i think it will be interesting
because the Greek army will be armed with pre ww1 era weapons, such as the Mannlicher Schoenauer 1903
and air support given by the British RAF,  and also using captured Italian weaponry,  while in the island of Crete, the Greeks used double barrel shotguns and farming tools against the German invaders, as the ANZAC (Aussies and Kiwis) supported the Greeks

honestly, i was expecting Battlefield 5 to cover this theater of war, but they shut down support

the Greek Civil War of 1946 to 1949
with the Kingdom Of Greece and EDES, support from the US and UK,  against the KKE (Communist Party Of Greece) with support from Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania


and also, the Turkish Invasion Of Cyprus in 1974
with Greece against Turkey, 
both sides using NATO equipment, with some ww2 weaponry as well

like Greece using the Sten Gun, Lee Enfield rifles, Carl Gustaf M2, Vietnam era Huey Choppers and M113 APCs, and also East German tanks and BMPs

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