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Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Development Blog #12 [July 2021]

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Hello Drakelings!

Welcome to the twelfth devblog for Operation: Harsh Doorstop. In this update, we will be reviewing the work that the team completed in the month of July 2021.

Seeing as this is the twelfth devblog, this marks one whole year of monthly devblog updates! As such, here are links to all of the past devblogs for quick reference in case you want to go back and look at the entire year’s worth of work:


July - Current devblog

I want to take this opportunity to also repost our tentative roadmap to Steam early access release, so that we can get a snapshot of roughly where we are in relation to this:

71b5389efd35647120654f19b6fa737cf77d9201.jpgSource development kit is supposed to be SOFTWARE development kit (this is a typo)

At the time of this devblog, everything in the top row is available and/or in the game in a basic/first iteration state, with the exception of the construction update, which is still being prototyped and has taken a backseat to work on the mod support update now that the SDK is out.

Oh yeah, did I mention… THE SDK IS OUT!


If you want to get your hands on it and start experimenting with modding, you can download it here. As mentioned above, the mod support/content loading systems are not available just yet, but we wanted to get the SDK/modding tools out into the community’s hands as soon as possible so that modders could start familiarizing themselves with the tools, and potentially start building up their projects in anticipation for Steam Workshop support, and other content distribution methods. We hope that when O:HD drops into early access that there will be a variety of mod content already available for people to use day 1! Please do keep in mind that the SDK is still a WIP, so if you do run into any issues, or can’t do something that you want to do, visit us in the O:HD Discord and let us know—the more feedback we get the better!

We have also hit another major milestone internally: passing 1,000 supporters on the Patreon—a big THANK YOU to all of the support and everyone’s belief in the project, it goes a very long way!

Now let’s get into the updates done in July:


Operation: Invictus
We have another round of the “Three Shot Burst” developer interviews prepared by the ISMC team:

Interview with John, a.k.a. Temptor, developer for Operation: Invictus

Operation: Invictus is the flagship expansion for the upcoming title Operation: Harsh Doorstop. It is the newest project created by the original devs of the ISMC mod.

1. What gives you the most inspiration when creating original models?

Looking at other artist's work is a massive inspiration - their techniques of sculpting and texturing fascinate me. War movies and documentaries are another big source of inspiration - to see how combatants and operators carry themselves or how a particular piece of gear sits on their body helps me to think of deep, realistic details, and helps me anticipate how they move. More abstractly, music is a major source of inspiration and motivation - and a personal necessity. I'll find inspiration with Killswitch Engage or The Contortionist.

2. What advice would you offer to someone who's interested in getting into character modeling, and potentially working on a game/mod in the future?

First, start small. Learn the fundamentals. It takes patience but will help in the long run. Second, don't go it alone. There are many like-minded people who are beginning their journey too. Join one of the many 3D modeling/3D sculpting discord groups with people willing to help and critique. Thirdly, do not give up. There were times in the beginning where I wanted to quit because it was too hard and I wasn't confident I could do it. I'm so grateful I pushed through that. Stick with it and you'll grow an understanding of the process and make massive strides forward. You'll be glad you didn't give up! And lastly, always have fun doing it!

3. You're a drummer. What are your three favorite drum beats from any song ever?

This is a hard one but if I have to choose my three favorite beats, in no particular order: The Meters "Cissy Strut", Team Sleep "Your Skull is Red" and Led Zeppelin "Fool in the Rain" because John Bonham.

Bio: John, a.k.a. Temptor, is a 3D artist and modeler for Operation: Invictus. He does most of his work in Blender, Zbrush, and Substance Painter. As a percussionist, when he's not crafting characters, he's listening to or making his own music. He loves ocean fishing with his friends, and mentoring his 5 year old nephew who wants to learn 3D art.

Here is some of the new content for Operation: Invictus that the ISMC team worked on last month:

243c7b4cd7d3fb0a4aa3c08df6d7e78af1d8b3e6.jpgcdc43764ccfcfa87e84abbf595e9879d0690dd2c.jpg4a90052b6ca473d767cfb5931a3d96a1f7bad9d9.jpg 678577555a8274469fd887df6277952c6c3e59a6.jpg 6b09597803b1fe698f94054ee9614d68a1710d9b.jpg 1dee8db61063a39648bcc46bfd462c7932aff6ed.jpg b5d4499793dfb598d7aa3ba2ebde706328fa37cb.jpg 759a8052e2ed57e09a2a33a01fa998420954e90d.jpg a5288fee612b47637c5635fa7debed984683df24.jpg
AK-74 Warfighter

c3ad251b0ea718901871c87fa1ad57f3694d0eda.jpgd28406e3f26dc52715d3101e6f08f7db8d932750.jpg626d88c56e10d97b81833851e4f43e9d552c6dbb.jpgb65f23fe1fcee136b0a9ba23c28bf3cd32613e6a.jpg 7b6ef5fa2a4130adbde17c875fe0acfa3b3b597c.jpg
HK417A2 w/ Schmidt and Bender PM II optic

a68c7b0d850055b9e2bed4ee1f81b461851447a9.jpge3386b545511072a6096d9e6d87b8f74b3565c6a.jpg 32e7914f9ae1c12b18a26ffcc32fe25a612b4054.jpg 0cd71098797c4bf766e46f000b636d7f4db3f97c.jpg b10c9afe06c8c86f0b96ae09dcae3f57ef1501f4.jpg 53b136bb6dabe9974e07ed0c82e37a7929ffded8.jpg 4e99a2ff3a85f95b1f737ae5355789697b25e935.jpg d1c4d0aa98e51d298df39576b51cce4bc6ed42e0.jpg
SKS w/ PSO-1 optic

CMMG MK300 Endeavor

7e7366d380beba485be30d20bb6e687b9395ea2d.jpg3cf6813537835ededf5edb5e7072d2addf6e8c7a.jpgcb7c038ca2e7367fe9ec36d678f5527303f21bc9.jpg 2cc3714caaf84ea76d155b2fd9bf4481a79c1b70.jpg d044a119b32ac1d0908ca74fae4a16daa71331ae.jpg 0564d22e460592d380f61877f3b838561b6d8553.jpg 418d73f038b53bb36682401e151286a5a639f56a.jpg ebdfc770555d5410a044a2a94acaf173fda6285e.jpg a97b9f7c472f688f2436be797acd8823484ddee1.jpg
Another HK417A2 variant w/ a 13” barrel vs. the scoped version shown above, which is a 20” barrel

Operation: Overlord
Major progress was made on the character models for Overlord that are being developed to replace the placeholder models we were using:
c2762646255ce9160d4987f1b1e2680fa3fa47a0.jpge6d25639186ca1148072ff83e0547fabb0155dc7.png 1bafa608b96815bd8d88a4ce0e51247d5109ae8e.png 4b345dffa11b074224c72fb30d782d42815311a9.png 79a13c98e518363bfc0ba95aa40a6b79e1428c2b.jpg e89fed79700adf1d3dc45dd1d8cbbbcbe4937245.jpg d7bd225f671c276b57bba8ece0874410c55eab81.png
US Paratrooper

5d4d805c635a70d7fba7a049940169857921054e.jpga244eaefbb19e0b77763d6240789a4daac04a77a.png 545ca2dac9a8afad3760b302663c1ea2536af8bf.png 3b61befd3b989ffd6079ca2fe694a35e5d26b9e0.jpg 34ea3c879f8130e96d62fc0b3b575b4d0871ff3d.png
German Paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger)


Risala received further polish, detailing, and optimization work:

04b37c9e1b2baebc5f9153981663419c569c8030.png6b923f79855d9d93d7b9b284a2d102efcec20550.png2fad06daacc53ca67233c942ca4a11f2ecee3353.png974f04f00aed889328deb947fb33de20868622e5.png c8d3f332d5698d43cf11a41a6e02044b09d1a0f1.png 3d417296432487ec843535f2520520551a79a72c.png 1d7c0c2dd44f74f8057698a3b0d7712ddc9abf0c.png 402bb864b2bb6b498b409afb69079a9b51aaf59f.jpg 17533c82d533fe4ab0ea0f9ab5daaa0a68e3b4fc.jpg 317146c4cd6304f08ff6e0356fec9ec2c6e20ee8.jpg 7a9307c654200f64dcca986080a2c932b4c73f6e.png db6bd9771f4c5545452de3735bc10f95c2643947.png

Risala also received a facelift to the map UI:


Argonne also received further polish, detailing, and optimization work:

39d46d99b60121fe7e209826b7c447d11b78f511.png414d99fb923a49ac95cec6bcd7a90d8fe32dddf9.png589e2bff47da6f9db28b125ff78d002b37649a9a.png5ac3ec1d5cc1aa611fef64e7076ef724972e1611.png ff7dbd4269ae02779ed12637ee6fd9118edd249b.png 9eed31291a5f990066d24c6f92b680ea5e317fd1.png 4ea74ec59abfbec70d1ea7087f5858a1eb7cea5e.png 69e3d2333743bb4086b1518585a6805de39f08a4.png 71f30de5264d6c3e8abcc4b6064a1823c77c380d.png 93415ecc85a184b671bace8402d4fa081648ae55.png b50bf56e5c6dfd72cf42b6bd031e44d8b44c2209.png b83e22381c5725e1296777d5ce5e1d20a89639e0.png 12d0ea3e32bb7bbc8df3b1b87d2dd4dc1dbe4b3d.png 65e669cc9a00bf888304c3a22a52d69dc873a0ad.png 5d9a6313ccfb503a2f3cfd84e0a56da0f7c48839.png 373185af018c320030881f625a21c848f96c5f9c.jpg 8d0353f1761d5b795e517316ee45c3c763c355f8.jpg 999244e49ef11408ed0cb3791efd0bf98228f434.jpg 17fa054413412b3bc4c608ec5962b3a2116c1800.jpg

Argonne also received an update to the map UI:


Monte Cassino
Last month a lot of work went into further detailing the Abbey for Monte Cassino, as well as more polish, detailing, and optimization passes:

fe8bca25471edd501e0657964ced1be0a9da3d3d.png 4eb65f51f9ef6bd4e5ccc09b289d0e4ee331b50c.png

7fb28a3faebc7016016a89985b4fff6aae0bbb10.png74f35ddccd8717dd3572868d0e600300c58c3bc4.png 1813b3c52c2e7637074c7d8cec7486ff2a269f30.png a4fe12f7150e0b3ec4188fd836a02706341d0d6b.png accd65a77426e5b76689bc5f2657039b26483f63.png 4dbe5891a94a2d2c2b336d8bbc86e40182dc0b50.png 4a38014ba944ee4243209417a12c244eedf93b21.png 6a47742abe08b70143bd97e02d4cba65f7c5110c.png 685de34960e5e768caa1a832496686ce3a276a04.png ce94a38886998c8b2fefc2355a04203268d8f0b8.png

Monte Cassino also received a new map UI:


Khafji received an updated map UI:


Lam Dong
And last but not least, Lam Dong also received a new image for the map UI:



A batch of animations were completed for new weapons, and variants of past weapons:

TalkativeSplendidArrowcrab-size_restricted.gif DazzlingUnhealthyAmericanwarmblood-size_restricted.gif
CraftyDisgustingBarracuda-size_restricted.gif NauticalVainAmericansaddlebred-size_restricted.gif GenuineDapperIriomotecat-size_restricted.gif WholeUnhappyCalf-size_restricted.gif
AK-74 Warfighter, HK417A2, Chauchat, Madsen, grenadier variants for the M1 Garand and Kar98k, and a Walther P38 pistol

Objects, Models, and Textures

World Props and Environment Assets
A series of world props and environment assets were created for Operation: Overlord and Michael:

ee6dde5dfa12173124e504171aaad8b5dfdf8a17.png9b4540099080f2ac423e2a7429bffd13c1444d68.png 903d44b9dc0bac96f08c206131d24d74057be20e.png a3b04c4f144b55304378911d81c10ec4d6cc28fe.png 95c1beb1924ee372cb6216f41e2b432ff32d00d0.png ed6ccf16d74d818d9959aed1c7d79e32108c1dd4.png
Farmhouse buildings

Pillbox bunker asset

00673a945cf40996af8886fd186fef26a8043cc6.pngc99e8df636e8f21d05982fa35a522ebde920bc3e.png 0fd1484829b7886e6845b701ae481e7291c31dc9.png c0e497093d666579ea8b89a4965145dbebe59868.png e9c3f7a336ed839c54f83b00dfa03774c213bf11.png ceb47a7e48ba0cfc597c16541b38dafc2fa85fc0.png 1da9596d99611a5ab79abb519cc7a10d530abc71.png 32622c391a4d1bc809c3e6f009e5e8504e5880f7.png
Miscellaneous props and assets

New foliage assets were created for future maps that will be made in Western Europe:

d8ba4406fb61fe6f1064e4a5ebd76dc0010fe78a.png9df9a9eecce0210d9be797092ed2d6cf181996c5.png 0ccfa5d03a398530e4e9802d689a366ef4ce3e54.png c314ce41f026221f98fde84faa38223c3a4e28d2.png

New trees were also made for more Mediterranean themed maps:


Upcoming and WIP Features


We now have a first iteration/basic implementation of optics in the game. Work has begun on bringing more optic variants to many of the weapons using this system as well, so expect to start seeing more variations of weapons that you’ll be able to use with them.

Schmidt and Bender PM II on the HK417A2, and a PSO-1 on the SKS

Eventually we plan on looking into doing picture-in-picture (PiP) optics, and having the option for players to use whichever they prefer, but for now the goal is regular optics that have a nice, large and clear sight picture. PiP optics are very taxing on performance, and require a lot more background work to get working properly, so we will get to that later after we have this first initial implementation feeling solid.

More work has continued on bots and AI (mostly background coding work). Soon, the bots will be able to split up and have some move to attack the next flag, and some hang back to defend the last flag. Improvements and enhancements to their behavior will always be happening as well—we have a lot of plans for what we would like for the bots/AI to do.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s devblog, and we look forward to sharing more with you next month. A big thank you once again to all of the Patreon backers!

Make sure to join the O:HD Discord, and/or follow our Steam announcements to track updates, and if you would like to support us early on in development don’t forget you can always pick up a key for O:HD on our Patreon! See you all next time!

-Goomes, Lead Community Manager





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You guys need to do more research for the Argonne map. Please don't do the same thing BF1 did, I can see you're already going after the art style of that  game. For the record BF1 does not artistically represent WW1 at all! I would  recommend talking to the WW1 series devs, as they have done huge amounts of research into WW1 weapons, uniforms, equipment, locations, and environments. I'd love to see some good WW1 content in this game, and it doesn't look very promising at the moment.

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