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  1. Do you need weapon artist? Looks like you need one.
  2. Disappointing AK animation. Should do one based on M14 reload. Learn from the best part of Rising Storm 2; not the worst. Half of the players are going to have all these ak model and reload animation in their face in-game.
  3. Btw AKM were used in Vietnam by northern forces.
  4. For ease of production, just make it plum for 5.45 and late izhmash side(or not) stamped steel for 7.62x39. Because the textures already suck for PKM stock and AK-74 already switched away from wood(which is good, because most games do AK wood handguard incorrectly, like Squad, Rising Storm 2/83...etc.). I would never trust your average texture "artist" who know nothing about these weapons IRL to make proper bakelite textures(also, it's surprisingly difficult to get it to show up on textures due to the usual limitation of pixel count). Let alone several different bakelite swirls
  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNSwcDEUfIEzYdAPscXo6ZA/community?lb=Ugw-IArpRdOkXJfxKyt4AaABCQ Incorrect reload. Soviet manual of arms - right hand remove/reattach magazine. Keep in mind where the magazine pouch is on the model/regulation reference photos. https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads%2Fplease-dont-make-vietcong-nva-soldiers-reload-ak-with-left-hand.119733%2Fpage-2 Less relevant in 90s but just right for Vietnam.
  6. I think there's nothing wrong with calling the map Fallujah West like in PR.
  7. I rather O:HDS reach a point where it gets its basic mechanics down(gun handling...etc.; current footages have really bland/lacking recoil animation). And have functional vehicles(gunner sight *not* linked to main gun, auxiliary periscopes, ability to switch to co-ax without reloading main gun...etc.). Rush things and it goes bad once and people will forever remember O:HDS as a janky free alternative to squad with no redeeming quality. (basically retracing squad's footstep, remember the horrible "v1.0" launch, with all the jank + newly-changed scope magnification screwing up r
  8. See that stock? That's not what laminated wood PKM stock looks like. Real ones are beautiful and have almost translucent look to them. Instead of just generic wood texture, you can see the laminate layers showing on the side too(depending on the curve). https://www.russiansurplus.net/product_p/pkm-stock.htm I think the metal parts on PKM looks fine. (unlike squad which put too much wear in too many weird places) Don't be like Squad. (wrong place for laminate layer effect on handguards, looks like solid wood - which shows that artist has no idea what these are)
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