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Operation: Harsh Doorstop


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  1. Yeah that is what this is, so basically a similar system to Red Orchestra 2.
  2. This is actually something we already have designs for.
  3. Currently there are no unequip animations when transitioning into swimming states.
  4. Hey man! Thanks for posting! Do you have a portfolio of any kind?
  5. Not in this version no, but in future updates yes.
  6. Obviously something we'll have to tweak to help with team communication.
  7. Due to some strange game logic issue, when ammunition for static weapons are replenished... they need to be "reloaded" before you can use them again. Shouldn't be a difficult issue to remedy.
  8. You're where you need to be. Keys will be on this website. We'll make an announcement when they go live, and how to acquire them. It will be fairly straight forward, and will be first-come first-serve.
  9. Squad Leader Rifleman Medic Machine Gunner Grenadier Anti-Tank Rifleman
  10. We don't have a budget for a hard surface artist currently, unless you're interested in volunteering. That might change in the future however, but just let me know what kind of work you'd be interested in. Cheers!
  11. I have no idea how this happened
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