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  1. If you want I can prepare something like a 1/2 minutes of sound design from a war scene
  2. I have done gunshots and some related sounds in the past, but I've mostly worked on horror games. With that being said, I'd love to work on a war game! It sounds like a fun project to work on.
  3. Hi, I'm a composer as well as sound designer located in Italy, I've worked on a bunch of games (often as both roles), you can find some on my Itch.io page! You can hear my current best Sound Design work on a project where I redid a whole videogame trailer audio. You can check the Video here! Hope you'll enjoy it!
  4. Hi, I am a Composer and Engineer from Italy and I saw the development of your game through the "Project ILL" video. The screenshots look really cool, it reminds me of something like an old Battlefield! I have worked as a composer for about 5/6 years and done some sound design as well for videogames and trailers. I've done orchestral music, electronic, experimental, jazz, as well as foley recordings and sound design. Here you can listen to some tracks I've made in the past: https://soundcloud.com/giulkau And here's a completely remade audio for "The Sinking City" I've made as par
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