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  1. I know OHD won’t be updated to ue5 until mid/late 2022 but let me give you some suggestion anyways, because directions regarding the project architecture is important. And you are not just fighting AAA studios you are fighting their architecture, you are fighting their wastage of 350M dollar for ‘star citizen’. and you are doing it with under a million dollar budget. Mod and game features plugin: Drakelings lab speculated that there will be options to package things as mod in the SDK's toolbar. Ue5 has modular game features plugin, if you enable it, game codes can have
  2. 1. Can you please move the license document from bluedrake forum to ohd main website? 2. After reading the license, maybe I missed things. (Assume I am just a simple modder and I don't have privilege to have custom license with you.) Can paid mods/game based on ohd core be published? Or do you only support unpaid mods based on ohd sdk? 2b. If the answer of 2 is-> 'only unpaid mods/free games', then, is it because paid mods require separate license and royalty deals with Epic games? 3. Will the C++ code be open to the public in future? 3b. If not, are you afraid of exp
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