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  3. Yeah that is what this is, so basically a similar system to Red Orchestra 2.
  4. Is there any thought with regard to multi-map progression and campaigns in multiplayer? I have a rough outline of a three-faction campaign during the Russian Civil War that would adjust available equipment, reinforcements, and NPC behavior based on events in preceding missions. I'm not sure if modern players will have the time and desire to commit multiple hours to a whole series like that, but it would be cool to be able to support some limited cross-mission events and triggers to create new game loops which cross a series of individual missions.
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  6. This is actually something we already have designs for.
  7. anybody think a rock and rorty modded map would be just so cool one side is rick and one side is space aliens that don't like ruk and gorty. I think this would be cool. Any thoughts?
  8. If you want I can prepare something like a 1/2 minutes of sound design from a war scene
  9. This man asks the important questions!
  10. Will the skyscraper on Khafji be enterable? Simple question to start a thread about I know. It sort of reminds me of the monolith from 2001...
  11. Yeah, thats what we all wish, i belive that he can make a 1 men AAA game, and if you are reading this bluedrake, dont be fast, dont do it like cdproject, take your time and make it a good game, think about it, if you publish it on steam people will download it, and if it isn't finished or an alpha they won't play it again and they won't share it with their friends. And againd, if you are reading this, take your time, i belive in you. And sorry for my english, im from argentina and i speak spanish xd.
  12. I know it isn't gameplay like Project Reality or squad.but i wanted a campaign mode like arma. until the future version?
  13. 11/10 nice art 👌
  14. Currently there are no unequip animations when transitioning into swimming states.
  15. now this is top tier
  16. Yeah me too! Just wating for the beta keys :DD
  17. can we fist fight with teamates when without the kit like PR ?
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  19. Very small one.... Work is in progress. https://papogambola.artstation.com/ I've been just working on my own for the last year and half.... I'm going to upload more stuff in the next couple of days.
  20. This is where free testing keys for Warfare 1944 are distributed. If keys are out of stock, then you will need to wait until they have been restocked. Testing keys are limited in quantity.

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