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Operation: Harsh Doorstop
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  • Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a free tactical shooter developed by a community of game developers called Drakeling Labs.

    Our objective is to build a free game, built by an open community, that meets or exceeds the quality standards of AAA shooters.

    If you believe in our project, please consider supporting our project on Patreon.

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    • I noticed you can glitch your muzzle through a wall and shoot on the other side of it by walking up to the wall. 
    • Hi, I'll keep this quite short and concise: I am first and foremost a massive fan of, and enthusiastic about, tactical and realistic shooters ranging from ArmA, Rising Storm, and Squad to Insurgency, Ground Branch, and Ready or Not. Over the years I have put thousands of hours into these games and still am. So seeing what you guys are doing, creating such a broad platform from which any experience can really be created is fantastic. It is only through projects like this that the big AAA studios can be stopped in their tracks and realise the playerbase doesn't actually want a new cookie-cutter release of BF or CoD every year.  Secondary to being a player of tactical shooters, I am a 3D Environment Artist with four years of experience in Unreal Engine. Over on ArtStation you can find some of my portfolio-pieces, many of which are focused on photoscanned realistic assets and dynamic lighting: https://www.artstation.com/alfreduvnas I hope my experience and enthusiasm counts for something, and I would love to volunteer my time and work with you guys on this project with no expectation of compensation from my side. 
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